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Membership requirements  

Education required

Academic minimal requirements for the certificate ( n.d. ): 1000 hours

Anatomy + Physiology Pathologies


Modulate 1 - Cardiovascular system 

Blood: composition and function

The heart: anatomy/physiology

Blood vessels and the hémodynamique one

Modulate 1  

Pathologies of the cardiovascular system

Modulate 2 - Respiratory system    

Important bodies

Physiology of breathing

Regulation of breathing 

Modulate 2

Pathologies of the respiratory system

Modulate 3 - Digestive system   

The organization of digestion (stages)

Digestive bodies: anato/physio  

Modulate 3

Pathologies of the digestive system

Modulate 4 - Lymphatic system    

Vessels and lymphatic circulation

Lymphoid fabrics

Not-specific defenses

Specific defenses (immunity)

Modulate 4

Pathologies of the lymphatic system

Modulate 5 - Urinary system     

Kidneys: anatomy/physiology

Formation of the urine: Stages

Anatomy/physiology of the urinary system

Modulate 5

Pathologies of the urinary system

Modulate 6 - Nervous system     


Modulate 6

Pathologies of the nervous system

Modulate 7 - System endocrinien    

Endocrine glands

Hormones and their physiology

Endocrine glands and their functions

Modulate 7

Pathologies of the system endocrinien

Modulate 8 - Skeletal system    

Basic anatomy

Modulate 8

Pathologies of the skeletal system   
  • The quality of food

  • Essential nutrients
  • Supplements and vitamins

  • Drinks

  • Bases of a balanced food

  • The physiological action

  • Food combinations

  • The study of the various types of modes

  • The study of the various groups of people according to their nutrition and bonds diathetic.


Studies of various Principal plants used in the world for their medicinal virtues, their habitat, theirs principal effects and their traditional uses for various pathologies

  • Legal aspect of the practices for Homeopathes in Quebec

  • The management of the personal and confidential information of the file customer

  • Thesis on a pathology of your choice

  • The meeting and the interrogation of the patient, the constitution of the file of the naturopathes, the advice and recommendations of the homeopathes for the treatments.

Academic minimal requirements for doctorate Homeopathe(N.D.): 5400 hours

The course below dépendament applies training scheme and equivalences.

  • Anatomy/Physiologie programs advanced (300 hours)
  • Pathology programs advanced (250 hours)
  • Nutrition advanced advanced program (200 hours)
  • Herbology Level II (350 hours)
  • Homeopathy (250)
  • Hypnothérapie (335 hours)
  • Homeopathic medicine (200 hours)
  • Aromathérapie (100 hours)
  • Reflexology (150 hours)
  • Technique énergétique/M.R.P. (200 hours)
  • Chinese medicine (300 hours)

MEDICAL SEMIOLOGY of naturopaths

(Orthopedy, rheumatology, neurology, endocrinology, psychiatry, O.R.L., internal medicine)


Nutrition programs advanced (300 hours)

Herbology Level II (250 hours)

The natural remedies in question, they are - inter alia - the vitamins, the minerals, the enzymes, the compounds containing enzymes, the grasses or botanical drugs, the preparations homeopathic and the amino acids coming at the same time from vegetable sources and the animal sources. They are called also produced health, products homeopathic or treatment natural.


Base in relation of assistance (500 hours) Cliquer here



METHODOLOGY OF the RESEARCH of naturopaths

CLINICAL DAYS of naturopaths

Clinical training course six months (600 hours) min.

DRAFTING OF the THESIS of naturopaths

Thesis (200 hours)

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