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The entitlement of the Homeopath's title;

The title of Homeopath is a label of competence, a reference, following what the naturopathe will be registered in the directory of the Canadian Union of Professional Homeopaths.

He may also be able to present himself at the General meeting if he wishes to become a member of the Board of directors of the Canadian Union of Professional Homeopaths.

The Commission of Homeopaths;

The commission meets to receive the candidates whom are entitled to recieve the title of Homeopath with at least five members, except with the exemption of a vote by the A.C. Punctually, any member of the board can sit at this commission.

(CCNE) meets once a month to receive the candidates whose file of request for establishment of the Homeopath title is complete, i.e. presents all written information answering the requested criteria and information.

The discussion with the candidate lasts thirty minutes, the following which the Members of the Commission of Homeopaths vote (they cannot abstain from), in favour of the establishment of the Homeopath's title or the adjournment.

The decision is ratified by the board, starting from the report/ratio which is submitted to him by other Homeopath members of the (CCNE) present during the interview of the candidate.

In the case of an adjournment, the candidate is invited by mail to deepen such or such insufficient criterion. The preliminary study of the file generally avoids the convocation of a candidate who would not present any qualification at the trade of homeopathe.

The more so as during adhesion to the Trade union, three possibilities are proposed which distinguish the people being able to claim with the establishment of those which do not enter the criteria: associate members (it acts people exerting another trade but wishing to receive the information disseminated by the trade union of the homeopathes), them members studying (the student registered in a recognized educational establishment), and the adherent members (who are already homeopathe, even beginners).

Canadian Council of Naturopathic Examiners (CCNE)

In addition to the reception of the candidates, it (CCNE) worked more specifically on the manner of evaluating the qualities awaited at the applicant with establishment.

Thus for each principal criterion:
    - formation.
    - the professional experience.
    - the supervision.
we sought to distinguish the observable indices from the measurable and quantifiable indices of a naturopath.

Committee of discipline for Homeopaths;

The CPMDQ established the highest standards formation ethics with, inter alia, a committee of discipline of the homeopathes which treats effectively very felt sorry for written of the public.

Who are Homeopaths?

As its name indicates it, naturopathy called upon natural methods to bring a quality of life, form and environment. In spite of a good hygiene of life, we all are likely to be exposed to various stresses or of living experiments harmful, traumatic, which will undermine our health. The profession of homeopathe, in the field of the care of health, is centered on the prevention and it employs natural methods and substances to improve the re-establishment of the people. The homeopathes examine the patients, pose diagnoses and look after the patients. Their method stresses the support and stimulation of the mechanisms of cure inherent in the body. It will be then necessary to intervene to choose therapeutic the most adequate. Expensive with the antiques traditions, the homeopathy treats vital energy human being of which great care should be taken. This vital energy, partly generic, becomes exhausted little by little with the age and the many ones devitalizing, for example; tobacco, alcohol, the abuse drugs or drug, chemical pollution, the electromagnetic ones, stress, overwork etc…

What is a Homeopathe and what is his role?

Neither doctor MD, nor healers, naturopathes N.D., are teachers of the health who, with an aim first, incite their patients to adopt a life style favorable to health. Knowing that a good hygiene of life is essential for the maintenance of a good health, homeopathe , or Doctor in naturopathy, offers to its patient a vital assessment which determines the factors of risks and the tendencies hereditary predisposing with the diseases.

The principal role of Homeopaths, C.Hom.

The principal role of Homeopathes N.D., are initially to carry out the interventions necessary in order to prevent the development, risks of diseases. The vital assessment establishes by the homeopathe leads to an important teaching dialogue which responsabilise the patient towards a reharmonisation of his daily habits mainly towards the hygiene of life, phytotherapy, clinical nutrition, ect.

The Homeopathe N.D., trys to avoid or delay diseases, and is professionally formed to guide its patients towards better food practices, exercise, rest and sleep, management of stress etc….

Formations of the certified Homeopathe (C.Hom.)

The duration of the formation of the certified homeopathe (C.Hom.) is of 1000 hours minimum academic close including various work and obligatory research. The taught subjects are the anatomy/physiology mainly internal organs, pathology, the nutrition, the phytotherapy and the study of the signs and symptoms.

Formations leading to the doctorate of naturopathy (N.D.),

With regard to the formation leading to the doctorate in naturopathy (N.D.), it is considerably more elaborate than certification to (n.d.). The doctorate consists of a 5400 hours minimum academic with the result that the doctor in naturopathy (N.D.) has strong knowledge on the level of the anatomy/physiology, pathologies, nutrition, herbology for example; on the various medicinal plants or essential oils, manual therapy for example; maybe into chiropratic, kinesitherapy, osteopathy or massothérapie, of the various techniques in psychotherapy for example a strong knowledge on the level of the hypnothérapie, homeopathic medicine, Chinese medicine for example; acupresure, Chinese herbology, nutrition according to Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese pulse and of the energy techniques for example it (M.R.P). Moreover, naturopathe N.D., must presented and to deposit a thesis with the 200 hours equivalence for obtaining its title of doctor recognized by “Canadian Council of Naturopathic Examiners” (CCNE).

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